Preparing a car for winter – Electricals

Winter can be a challenging time for a lot of motorists, new car or old.
Here are some tips for you to try and help yourself that you might not think of.


Driving those short journeys in rush hour traffic with everything on, like lights, heater, demisters etc can drain the battery and make the battery life shorter. If you can you should turn the things you don’t need off. So for example turn off the demister once the window is clear.

You might want to replace your battery if it’s approaching 5 years old, they sometimes fail at this length of time.

If you’re car is idle for most of the weekend then a trickle charger is a good idea to keep the battery charged up.

If the car doesn’t start, give the ignition about 5 seconds to try and start the car, do this a couple of tries and if no joy then try to wait about half a min.

Before trying to start the car you should turn off all electrical items, radio, lights (including interior light), fans, etc if you can and then try and start the car. The draw of amps from the other electrical systems will take a draw from the battery so if you turn them off then they will not be taking that draw. You can turn them back on when the engine is started however.

Hope this helps some people out there.

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