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Suggested Movie: Gone in 60 seconds (original)

A great movie from the 70’s, which was remade in 2000 with Cage and Jolie. This is definitely worth the £3 or so asking fee from Amazon!

In it, its about high price car crime, not the standard 4 door saloons, but the high society Eleanor motor that was made even more famous with the 2000 remake.

This film, I think has the longest car chase scene in from any movie in history! (Unless you count Vanishing Point which is pretty much a chase for the length of the film).

The chase runs through Long beach and ends suddenly in a amusing twist, but I wont spoil that for you. Buy the DVD with the link below:


A great movie – Drive

I haven’t seen this movie in a while and it is a great movie, the main character is a guy who seems to distance himself from the crime that is going on. He works during the day as a movie car stunt driver and during the evening he moonlights on the underground as a getaway driver. He gets broiled up in some $h!t after meeting a woman, which he regrets.

It’s a slow movie to start off with and there are a lot of emotional moments where he seems to contemplate a great deal. It’s difficult to do these without the audience getting bored, but it works in this movie and I’d recommend buying the DVD.

You do need to have a little thinking in this movie, it is certainly not like the Fast and the Furious movies