Dream Car Garage

Now, what cars would you have in your dream car garage?

Here are some cars we’d select.

Ascari A10

5L V8 from the BMW M5 producing 625 bhp and a top speed of 220mph. You’ll get to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Weighing in at 1280Kg

Costing £325,000ascari-a10-picture



Ferrari F40

Everyone knows the F40 and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want one.
The specs?
2.9L Twin Turbo V8
471 BHP
~1300 were produced.
201Mph top speed
3.8 seconds to 60mph



Audi RS6-R
€187000 for the full car
€59900 for the package

From ABT is the RS6-R with over 700hp! and 920NM!

Shmee took it for a drive here



ABT Audi RS6-R

Mercedes G63 6×6

159 Litre fuel tank capacity
544hp & 560 lb ft from a 5.5 Litre Bi-turbo V8
Up to 18.1 inches of ground clearance


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