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Great value V8 and V12 coupes

So, you’re wanting a nice big executive coupe. Something a bit sporty?
I’ve put together a list of the nice coupes you could get for not a great deal of money – in relation to the original purchase price.

Now everyone has different ideas of money they can spend on a car – and the up keep of said motor.

Obviously a V12 coupe is going to be pretty pricey to run. Both in terms of Insurance, tyres, maintenance and parts, etc. But hopefully you could keep it as a weekend car for something that doesn’t do many miles. Maybe it’s an investment, in 30 years – it could well be a classic car worth 10 times as much. There could be any number of reasons you want a car like this.

So, up to £5000…

Jaguar XKR or XK8 – It was released in the late 90’s as a grand tourer with an AJ-V8 – 4.0L in size which propelled it to a limited 155mph.1998_Jaguar_XKR_coupé



Maybe you don’t like the shape of the headlights of the XK series coupes. Maybe a Mercedes is something more to your taste. There are a few Mercs you can get too for the price of £5K!

The merc 500 SL is a appreciating classic now and these do have style. Personally I think they use to look dated but now they are a lot more stylish.



If you didn’t want the convertible then you could go for a newer CL500 or cl600. The 600 might go a little over the £5K budget! However they have many, many toys!

mercedes_CL500Here are just 3 coupes you could get. There are more and that will be up next week.

Thank you for reading and do come back.

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